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 COMING SOON - our new range of Hand Roasted Coffee in Compostable packaging.

We love great tasting coffee.  Our customers are coffee connoisseurs and travel miles for a great cup so we have added a new range of coffee to our product range.  There's nothing like the smell of coffee wafting through the house.  The roasting is crucial to a great cup of coffee.   That's why we provide our own brand of hand roasted coffee, produced right here in Ireland.  The coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted by hand.  Our roasters take a traditionally slow approach to roasting, only roasting one origin at a time in small batches to ensure the distinct taste of each type of bean is accentuated.  

What could be better than exquisite coffee delivered straight to your doorstep?  

rainforest alliance certified grape and bean roasted coffee

We also care about the environment and that's why all our beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified.  The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal means that some or all of the ingredients are sourced from farms that comply with the standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network, which aims to promote sustainability in farming and protect farmers, forests, wildlife, and local communities.


compostable biodegradable coffee cups


Our packaging is 100% biodegradable.  Compostable packaging is made from a number of renewable plant-based materials such as corn starch (Polylactic Acid), bagasse, wood pulp and palm leaf.

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