Apollonio Copertino, Puglia Italy

A beautiful blend of native grape varieties Negroamaro , Sangiovese , Montepulciano and the rare Malvasia Nera.

Intense ruby red colour, rich fragrances of cherries, plums and chocolate on the nose follow onto a lush meaty palate with loads of black fruits and chocolate edges combined with well integrated tannins and an earthy sweetness.

The Apollonio Wine Company has a long and deep-rooted history, and is now awarded with the title of ‘Impresa Storica d’Italia’ (historic company of Italy). This four-generation history – always evolving yet remaining faithful to itself – began in 1870, when Noè Apollonio started his adventure, followed by his son Marcello, who would later modernize the small firm.

After World War II, Marcello’s son, Salvatore, marked a turning point by introducing business management. Today, it is the turn of the fourth generation to run the company: Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio have succeeded in exporting a label that is a byword for first-rate quality and trustworthiness all over the world.


Red Wine




Sangiovese,Negroamara,Montepulciano,Malvasia Nera



Massimilliano Apollonio

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