Chateau Vincens "Origine" Malbec Cahors France


Almost black in colour, this is a dark-hued, black plum and chocolate flavoured wine. It is powerful and very concentrated, densely tannic as well as fruity. There is a dusty texture, fine acidity and strong wood-spice flavours. The wine is for long-term aging

95% Malbec & 5% Merlot

Château Vincens is family-owned and run by Philippe Vincens and sister Isabelle. This is a fantastic introduction to how Malbec tastes on home ground.

Pairs well with strong cheese, game and veggie dishes. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

In 1982, the decision was made to make and sell own wines. In 1983, Michele and Daniele Vincens harvested the first grapes for Domaine des Vincens, which was later named Château Vincens.

Three generations are now working in a beautiful vineyard and expanding it. In order to obtain the optimal quality, they look carefully at each plot and the production method is adjusted for each wine.

Cahors is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. In ancient Rome, the first grape vines were planted 50 years BC. Although it is not one of the most popular wine areas in France, Cahors wines are becoming increasingly interested. Cahors produces beautiful, powerful and concentrated wines.


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