Dios Baco Amontillado Sherry

A gentle nose of almond, orange peel and caramelised nuts. A silky dry round taste of dried raisins, baked fruits with a hint of toffee and coffee with a slight citrus appeal.

The Amontillado starts life as a Fino, in fact it's often refers to as its big sister. After 9 years the wine is fortified and the Fino dies away, when exposed to the air, the wine starts to oxidise which darkens the sherry and gives it a nutty taste, it is then classified as a Fino-Amontillado, it is only considered a full Amontillado after another eight years. The Dios Baco is 19 years in the making.

Amontillado is not only a great winter aperitif but a fantastic match with roast chicken or mushroom risotto.


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