Spanish Organic Red & White Wine 4 Bottle Gift Pack


The history of the winery dates back to 1957. Several villages of the celebrated Requena region, known for its rich terroir and its extensive wine-growing tradition, came together to found what is Bodegas Mitos.

These days Bodegas Mitos still concentrates on making organic wines that represent the unique taste of the Spanish Mediterranean, winning many awards for their efforts.

The red wine (2 bottles) is a blend of organically grown merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes, a well know combination more familiar to wines from Bordeaux. The Mediterranean climate and winemaking style produces something quite unique. Soft and fruity, with a hint of herbs and caramel.

The white wine (2 bottles) is a fresh modern style chardonnay. Aromas of honey, green apple, almonds, with an elegant mineral background. Creamy texture in the mouth, well balanced with honey, citrus and a fine minerality.

Beautifully presented in straw and packaged in one of our popular G&B boxes. 



Red Wine



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