Domaine La Tuque Bel Air Bordeaux France

The La Tuque Bel Air is made up of 90% merlot, the remainder being Cabernet Sauvignon, it is aged in oak barrels for 12 months which soften the characteristic tannins of the region. The aroma is dominated by blackcurrant with a round full finish.

Pierre's vineyards are certified High Environmental Value (HEV) Level 3 - a Fench Government standard that focuses on overall farm standards, beyond whats required for "organic" certification. For a long time the wines of Cotes de Castillon were only used to enchance Saint-Emilion blendings in poor years. But in the 1970's, local wine growers made serious efforts to improve quality and in just a few years, Castillon has become a serious competitor in the region.


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