Real Wines versus Artificial Wines

Real Wines (Natural) versus Artificial Wines (Mass Produced)

At Grape and Bean we supply Real Wines brought to you by families with generations of wine-making expertise. 

Grape and bean goals for real wine
They grow the best quality grapes and make the best quality wine. We do not supply manufactured large quantities of wine with an “even” taste at the lowest possible cost by technicians skilled in the manipulation of chemical formulations.
grape and bean winemakers

Real wine producers produce 5000 to 500,000 bottles per year. Artificial wine producers can produce up to 500,000+ bottles per day 

grape and bean the winery

Real wine producers do not mass produce and therefore create real quality wines. All wines naturally produce sulphites but mass produced wines add much more. Real wine contains many times less sulphites than mass  produced wine

grape and bean grapes 

Natural wine farmers grow native grape varieties that naturally thrive on their land. Often from very old vines (which produce the best grapes). With artificial mass produced wines the factory buys grape juice or grapes of varying quality from lots of different suppliers at the cheapest price 

grape and bean wines harvesting

Farmers that produce Real Wines hand pick their grapes to ensure they are the best quality. Mass produced wines use machinery to pick the grape which means no quality control. 

grape and bean winemaking

The sun, water, air and soil provide nourishment to the grape. Naturally contributing to the taste of the wine.  To make wine, all the winemaker has to do is collect his grapes and gently crush them, releasing the sugary juice and exposing it to the yeasts. But with mass produced wines have 100’s of chemicals are used to make mass-produced wine.

grape and bean aging of wines

Real wine makers use oak barrels which makes the wine taste smoother. This also naturally enhances the flavour and aroma of the wine. Mass producers of wines add Oak chips and artificial flavourings to steel tanks 

grape and bean bottling of wines

Real wine makers bottle their wines in the winery. Mass producing wine makers, add chemicals and preservatives and ship it across the water to industrial bottling plants.

grape and bean wines real wines for good health
Real wines are made with the finest ingredients for you to enjoy. Mass produced wines added chemicals can cause allergic reactions and hangovers
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