MCEntee's Irish Breakfast Tea 250g - Grape & Bean

MCEntee's Irish Breakfast Tea 250g

MCEntee's Irish Breakfast Tea 250g

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McEntee's Irish Breakfast loose tea is a type of black tea that is known for its strong, robust flavor and dark, rich color. It is a popular tea blend that is commonly consumed at breakfast time. McEntee's Irish Breakfast tea is a blend of Assam tea from India and Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. These tea leaves are often chosen for their strong, brisk, and malty characteristics, which give the blend its signature bold flavor.

The tea is known for its ability to stand up to milk and sugar, making it a favorite choice for those who prefer to enjoy their tea with such additions. It is usually steeped for a few minutes in hot water, resulting in a strong and invigorating brew. While it's often consumed in the morning, many people enjoy Irish Breakfast tea throughout the day due to its robust and full-bodied taste.

Irish Breakfast tea can be a great choice for individuals who appreciate a delivers a distinctive fragrant and lemony taste and a bright golden cuppa of black tea.

Awarded Bronze at the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards. Blended in Ireland using the finest Indian Assam teas and best highland Ceylon teas.

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