Cline Zinfandel Lodi California U.S.A

Cline Cellars is owned by Nancy Cline. Bot her grandfathers were from Ireland, Gregory Laughlin in County Cork and Bunting from Lurgan, Co Armagh. Both emigrated around 1878 and settled, respectively in Berkley California and Kansas City.

Farming is sustainable and follows an in-house program called Green String. In this program, soils are enhanced and sustained using compost teas, crushed minerals and ground oyster shells, predatory insects are introduced to control pests, and weeds not used as ground cover or grown for compost are removed by hand, or by sheep. The fruit is then vinified in one of the the largest solar-powered wineries in California. No animal-based fining agents are used which means the wines are vegan-friendly.

Cline Old Vine Zinfandel is burgundy in color with a tinge of purple and red raspberry. It’s not overly dark and a fair amount of light shines through.It coats up the glass quite well and leaves legs that are numerous and quick to fall.



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