Diamandes de Uco Malbec Mendoza Argentina

DiamAndes de Uco Malbec

Deep ruby color with violet nuances. Intense aromas and flavors of red fruits, with subtle notes of violets flower and a pleasant tinge of smokiness.

DiamAndes’ Uco Malbec reveals all the fullness, richness and intensity of fruit characteristic of Malbec, the grape for which Argentina’s vineyards are famous

This wine has a strong varietal identity and also presents fine regional characteristics thanks to the DiamAndes vineyard. Planted at high altitude, the vineyard gives wines a beautiful acidity accompanied by freshness and balance.

The country’s vineyards are mostly confined to the western sector of the country, in the plains and foothills near the Andes, where they experience a continental climate

 DiamAndes’ Uco Malbec is an excellent accompaniment to duck breast or grilled meat (ideally in the Argentine “asado” style).


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