Marchese di Borgosole Salice Salentino Riserva Italy

Casa Vinicola Botter Founded in 1928 in the Veneto region, 30 kms northeast of Venice, by Carlo Botter, the company began as a small business trading in local Veneto wines in barrels and demijohns. The purchase of a small winery and a few acres of land in Veneto allowed Carlo to start bottling wines from his own estate. Now run by the third generation Bottter family it continues to makes wines from its own vineyards, the 60 hectare organic La Di Motte estate in Veneto and Fruili. Drawing on more than 70 years winemaking experience the company also vilifies grapes from estates across Italy, from Veneto in the North to Apulia and Sicily in the South, giving it a truly national identity and a large portfolio of very high quality wines.

Negroamaro & Malvasia blend


Food Pairing   Savory soups and stews, grilled vegetables, spicy roasted and grilled meats, tomato-based red meat ragout, and aged cheeses. 



Red Wine





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