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Mosel Valley

Off Dry

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This stunning wine embodies the elegant and racy style of Mosel Riesling. The fragrant nose of green apple ,honey, apricot and stone fruit carries through to the off dry palate. Refreshingly juicy, a touch of spritz and lively acidity add finesse and balance.


Before taking over his family’s wine estate, Ernst Loosen made a pilgrimage to some of the most highly respected wineries in the world. It was his belief that before he could make world-class wines, he first had to understand what it is that makes a wine truly great. Through this voyage of discovery, Ernst developed the foundation for his own winemaking style — a style that is rooted in the authentic expression of the soil, the climate, and the vines themselves

Many spicy dishes work with an off-dry riesling - Thai, Vietnamese, even Indian. The hotter the dish the sweeter the riesling, basically.


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